The Boonies Director’s Cut
Under, outside, above, and beyond the grid
We don't like to play favorites but it's hard not to on this project. One of our fav clients, Nicole, came to us with our favorite type of direction, "have fun." With that, and an open invitation to license a popular track if it was knock-your-socks-off good, Monesha went on the hunt for unknown talent. She jumped in the IFDC private jet and headed to Nashville for a long night of whiskey drinking and scouting local bands. At least that's how she explained her hangover the next morning! "Get Free" by ‎Whissell got everyone's head bobbing and inspired Justin to not only cut this awesome promo, but also give it the badass color treatment that almost makes you wish you lived in a cave... almost.
NatGeo/Nicole Strong
Monesha Lever
Justin Kanner
Andy HSU

The Boonies Director’s Cut