We stepped onto this field
cause we love playing the game

We are a team

We are IFDC

Maybe you’ve heard a few things about IFDC. Some true, some false. Allow us to set the record straight:

YES – we have the perfect editor for you if you’re into tattoos, beards, Tottenham FC, classic cars, motorcycles or Patrick Swayze.  Yep, you heard me. The Swayze.

NO – we’re not playing Game of Thrones at work, But like Khaleesi, we have TWO (Red Epic) Dragons and a killer suite of spherical and anamorphic lenses.

YES – we have the best receptionist in town. Carol (aka “Aunt Jucci”) is a DC legend and you’ll never regret a conversation with her. Trust.

NO – we’re not running a beauty pageant; we just lucked out with 4 beautiful and amazingly talented staff writer/producers.

YES – we have a full DaVinci Resolve color suite, and yes you can take your afternoon nap in there. We won’t tell.

NO – our design & animation team isn’t avoiding eye contact with you… actually yes they are! But they’re really focused on your amazingly complex 3D build and practical shoot idea. 

YES – every hour is happy hour.